Hello, I am an exceptional student at The Pennsylvania State University who loves everything about electronics. I have diversified my learning experience to encompass many fields dealing with electronics and computers. As a student at North Penn High School, I took many classes based on electronics and computers. These classes included: Electricity and Electronics, Advanced Electronics, Digital Electronics, 3rd year Independant Study, Intro to Comp Science,

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and Computer Science AP. At Penn State, I decided to take a different approach and double major in IST and SRA. I have found out shortly that IST and SRA was my calling. I enjoy most every class i take. In my own free time, I teach myself alot about computer hardware, software, and coding.

Personal Note

I have been designing websites since 2000. Since then I have strengthened my skills alot and taught myself the design languages of HTML, CSS, and PHP. I first decided to buy my own webspace in the summer of 2008 and build a site about myself...until i come with any idea otherwise :].